Hans Translateur

Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
FatherSalo Translateur (24/08/1885 – ca 1942) 
MotherMeta Brauer (17/03/1896 – ca 1942) 


Named in a Yad Vashem testimonial which identifies his place in the family. According to another Yad Vashem archive record, Hans was born on 10/03/1925 in Ratibor, lived in Berlin and previously lived in Gross Strehlitz; these facts accord with a letter dated 27 August 1939 to Hans' sister Ilselotte sent from Gross Strehlitz and giving an address in Berlin.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

yadvashem.org - testimonial;
yadvashem.org - archive record;
JT - content of a letter regarding Hans' move to Berlin in August 1939.

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