Schmuel (Schmerel) Schindler

Bornca 1825
Poland, Schlesien, Tost, Slupsko
? FatherLoebel Schindler (ca 1795 – ) 
? MotherFanny Feder (ca 1795 – ) 


Schmerel and his wife Rachel geb. Totzek moved twice in 1845: first from Rosenberg to Slupsko (Gleiwitz) and then from there to Oschek (Gross Strehlitz). The record of the first of these two moves cites family number 3015 which is also cited in records relating to Loebel Schindler and his wife Fanny geb. Feder, and to their son Marcus; from this I assume that Schmerel was a son of Loebel and Fanny.


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