Itte, Jettel, Gittel Toronczyk/Thorner

Bornca 1825
Poland, Warsaw
Partner Chaim Mendel Lubliner (ca 1825 – )


Jankel Lubliner (06/11/1844 – )

Moritz Lubliner (15/08/1855 – 05/01/1919)

Auguste (Gelle) Lubliner (21/03/1864 – )


Named in the marriage record of daughter Gelle. In son Moritz's marriage certificate his parents' town is given as Lodz.

Named in JRI-Poland's records of Moritz and Samuels' marriages as Itte or Jettel Toronczyk, and in Moritz's death certificate as Gittel Thorner (Thorner being the German form of the Polish Toronczyk).

According to Moritz's death certificate, Chaim Mendel and Itte last lived in Warsaw.

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