Rudolf Siegfried Nothmann

Germany, Hamburg
USA, California, Los Angeles
? FatherNathan Nothmann (11/10/1869 – 08/01/1941) 
? MotherGella Henriette Heymann (05/11/1877 – 27/03/1941) 

Notes has a record of the naturalization of a Rudolf Siegfried Nothmann, born in Hamburg on 04/02/1907. It also has a record of the death of Rudolf Siegfried Nothmann in Los Angeles on 25/08/1997; the latter gives his mother's maiden name as "Heymmann" (sic) and gives his date of birth as 01/02/1907. It seems very likely that, allowing for typographical errors, these record relate to the same person and that he is a son of Nathan Nothmann and his wife Gella Henriette geb. Heymann who were married in Hamburg in 1905.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - naturalization; - death and mother's maiden name.

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