Malwine (Malke) Wienskowitz

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Germany, Belin, Buch
FatherMoritz (Michael) Wienskowitz (ca 1805 – ) 
MotherFriederike (Rebekka) Rosenberg (16/10/1819 – ) 
Partner Siegismund Rosenberg (22/11/1822 – 1896)


Malwine died in the lunatic asylum in Buch aged 69 years, so born 1838-39.

JRI-P has a record of the birth of a Malwine Wienskowitz in Breslau on 18/10/1838 (agreeing with details derived from her death certificate) to Michael Winskowitz and Friederike (Rebekka). Fred Halbers give her father's name as Michael and has scribbled out Moritz beneath it.


JRI-Poland; - Fred Halbers collection: family tree.

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