Antonie Kosterlitz

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
? FatherIsaac Kosterlitz (1801-02 – ) 
? MotherDorel Chrzelitzer (ca 1800 – ) 
Partner Samuel Liebrecht (ca 1825 – )


Rosalie Liebrecht (26/05/1853 – 31/01/1901)


Place of death given in daughter Rosalie's death certificate.

Died aged 64 years so born 1826-27 (probably 1826 given her death at the start of 1891).

Her death certificate names only her father, but the chances of there being two people of the same name in Langendorf at that time are slim; however if her age at death is accurate then her birth in 1826 (or the opening days of 1827) does not sit well with her putative sister's birth in May 1826.

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