Joseph Pincus

Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Ujest
Germany, Berlin
FatherLoebel Loewin Pincus (ca 1810 – ) 
MotherEva Feig (1809-10 – 16/07/1878) 
Partner Ella (Elbine, Albine) Tallert (09/11/1826 – 1863)


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Jacob Pinkus (1848 – 1899)

Rosalie Pinkus (1849-50 – 27/05/1922)


JRI-Poland records Loebel's arrival in Langendorf from Peiskretscham in 1837 with Eva and their children Joseph, Charlotte and Salomon. Joseph's date of birth is not recorded, but he is listed before Charlotte and Salomon, whose dates are given as 1830 and 1832 respectively, so I have assumed he was born in the late 1820s.

His age at death in 1914 is given as 87 years, so born 1826-27.

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