Mendel Moses Bruck

Poland, Schlesien, Zuelz
? FatherDavid Bruck (ca 1790 – ) 
? Mother 


From a visitor (comment #373):

1842 April, den 28
Der hiesige Bürger und Kaufmann Mendel Moses Bruck Junggeselle, 29 Jahre alt in Zülz gebürtig


Junfer Dorothea Hamburger 19 Jahre alt
im letzten Heller* gebürtig
wohnhaft Oder Straße Nr. 12

Des Chauße ZollEinnehmer Isaac Hamburger
im Letzten Heller
der zu Neiße wohnhafte David Bruck

der hiesige Ober-Rabiner

* „Landkreis Breslau, 19.5.1817 Unterstellung der Ortschaften Alt Scheitnig, der letzte Heller, Dürgoy, ... un-ter die Aufsicht des Polizeipräsidenten in Breslau“

If Mendel's age is accurate he was born between April 1822 and April 1823, so if he belongs to this family either he must be a twin of Amalie (born December 1822) or else Amalie was conceived immediately after his birth and born premature. Given that JRI-Poland records the births and deaths of so many of his putative sibling among its Neisse records, his omission from the records, and his birth in Zuelz count against him being part of this family.


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