Jenny (Sprinze) Ollendorff

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Rawicz
Germany, Berlin
FatherJoseph Gerschel Ollendorff (10/04/1794 – 17/04/1861) 
MotherSheindel Jungman (ca 1805 – ) 
Partner Max Halberstaedter (16/12/1834 – 28/01/1899)

Married 04/03/1866

Source; - Fred Halbers collection: genealogical notes.


Paul Halberstaedter (14/04/1867 – 07/11/1921)

Franz Halberstaedter (30/01/1869 – 03/06/1933)

Charlotte Luise Halberstaedter (05/11/1880 – )


Parents: Joseph Gerschel Ollendorf and Charlotte geb. Jungmann in Rawicz.

Jenny's ancestors are documented here.

In her death certificate her husband, Max, calls her Sprinze Jenny. She is named in the same way on Charlotte's marriage certificate.

Sources disagree over her date of death: says 18/03/1890, Fritz Halberstaedter and her death certificate say 28/03/1890.

Death certificate

Sources - Fred Halbers collection: genealogical notes; - Fred Halbers collection: genealogical notes;

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