Wanda Priester

Bornca 1885
FatherPaula Freund (1852-53 – 23/04/1927) 
MotherAdolf Priester (ca 1850 – ) 
Partner Albert Nothmann (22/04/1885 – 17/04/1961)


GB, a relative of the Wachsner family, message #349.


Siegfried Nothmann (16/09/1919 – 30/12/1972)


Fritz, Albert and Albert's wife Wanda were registered as displaced persons with an address in New Hampshire on a 1946 passenger list.

The death of Paula Priester geb. Freund was reported by Albert Nothmann from Gross Strehlitz, providing further circumstantial evidence of the close relationship between Wanda and Paula.

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