Martin Crosby

UK, North Yorkshire, Robin Hood's Bay
UK, Tyne and Wear, Monkwearmouth, Dock Street, 48
FatherStephen Crosby (01/11/1767 – 30/04/1841) 
MotherSarah (Sally) Harrison (1775 – ) 
Partner Elizabeth Johnson (1801-02 – 06/04/1880)

Married 15/11/1828 UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland


GENUKI: Marriages from the Sunderland Registers (1825-1829)
Durham Records Online:
Marriages, Sunderland District - Record Number: 384843.1
Location: Sunderland
Church: Holy Trinity
Denomination: Anglican
15 Nov 1828 Martin Crosby (bachelor), of this parish married Elizabeth Johnson (spinster), of this parish.


Sarah Crosby (23/11/1829 – )

Robert Crosby (1831-32 – 1881)

Richard Johnson Crosby (11/03/1832 – )

Martin Crosby (1833 – )

Elizabeth Jane Crosby (1837 – .../07/1857)

James George Crosby (23/03/1840 – 16/06/1887)

Isabella Crosby (05/12/1841 – )

William Hamilton Crosby (20/06/1846 – )

Mary Jane Crosby (13/02/1849 – 12/11/1882)

Eliza Hamilton Crosby (01/07/1852 – )


Christened 11/02/1806 in Fylingdales.

Register of Seamen: born Robin Hoods Bay, aged 27y in 1835, resides in Monwearmouth when unemployed; 1845 register gives dob.

1841 census for Dundas St, Monkwearmouth Shore:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAge
Elizabeth Crosby MFemale34
Robert CrosbySonUMale9
Martin CrosbySonUMale7
Elizabeth CrosbyDaurUFemale4
James CrosbySonUMale1

1851 census for Church St, Monkwearmouth Shore:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation
Martin CrosbyHeadMMale45Yorkshire Robin Hoods BayMariner
Elizabeth CrosbyWifeMFemale44Durham Monkwearmouth
Robert CrosbySonUMale19Durham MonkwearmouthBlockmaker
Martin CrosbySonUMale16Durham Monkwearmouth? (App)
Elizabeth CrosbyDaurUFemale13Durham Monkwearmouth
James CrosbySonUMale11Durham MonkwearmouthScholar
Isabella CrosbyDaurUFemale9Durham MonkwearmouthScholar

1861 census for Dock St, Monkwearmouth Shore (house number to be confirmed):
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation
Martin CrosbyHeadMMale54WhitbyMariner
Isabella CrosbyWifeMFemale53Monkwearmouth
James CrosbySonUMale21MonkwearmouthJoiner
Isabella CrosbyDaurUFemale19Monkwearmouth
William CrosbySonUMale14MonkwearmouthRope maker
Mary CrosbyDaurUFemale11Monkwearmouth
Eliza CrosbyDaurUFemale8Monkwearmouth

1871 census for 48 Dock St, Monkwearmouth Shore:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation
Martin CrosbyHeadMMale67Yorkshire Robin Hoods BaySluice keeper
Elizabeth CrosbyWifeMFemale66Durham Monkwearmouth
Isabella CrosbyDaurUFemale29Durham MonkwearmouthLaundress
William CrosbySonUMale23Durham MonkwearmouthSeaman
Mary CrosbyDaurUFemale22Durham MonkwearmouthDomestic Servant
Eliza CrosbyDaurUFemale19Durham MonkwearmouthDomestic Servant
William CrosbyGrandsonMale5ScholarDurham MonkwearmouthScholar

01/01/1872: Ship builder's store keeper.
12/08/1872: Master mariner.

Durham Records Online:
Cemetery Registers, Sunderland District - Record Number: 176318.12
Location: Sunderland (Fulwell)
Cemetery: Mere Knolls Cemetery
Denomination: any
7 Mar 1878 Martin Crosby, of 48 Dock Street, age: 77, mariner.

My 3 x great grandfather.

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