Patrick Heenan

Bornca 1803
Eire, County Tipperary, Oldcourt
Diedca 1880
Eire, County Tipperary, Oldcourt
Father Heenan (ca 1770 – ) 
Partner Margaret Meara (ca 1815 – )

Married 18/02/1833 Eire, County Tipperary, Oldcourt



Margaret Heenan (10/06/1838 – 16/05/1904)

Thomas Heenan (22/12/1844 – 14/14/1930)


This information comes from the extensive research by Nora Woulfe neé Heenan to whom I am extremely grateful. Of Patrick's children I have listed only two here: Margaret and Thomas from whom my family and Nora's are descended. For the rest of the family, please see Nora's work.

Sources (click here for generic source information); - named as father of the bride when Margaret's marriage.

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