Charlotte (Sara) Aaron

Bornca 1790
Partner Samuel Joseph Stein (1778 – 1860)

Married 26/03/1812

Source - Gleiwitz Jewish registers


Simon Stein (31/12/1812 – )

Joseph Stein (11/05/1815 – )

Hirschel Stein (30/03/1817 – )

Jacob Stein (29/04/1819 – )

Dobrusch Stein (22/02/1823 – )


Samuel's wives Charlotte Aaron and Charlotte Schlesinger are probably the same person, Aaron being her father's name (and hence her patronym), and Schlesinger being the surname he adopted under the decree requiring Jews to take surnames in the early 19th century. Certainly, they appear to have been married to the same person (the fathers of their children had the same name and range of occupations), both of them had children born in Langendorf, but their children's births overlap each other. A footnote in the Italian translation of Edith Stein's autobiography says that Samuel married three times and had 23 children.

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