Moses Koplowitz

FatherJacob Koplowitz (.../01/1807 – ) 
MotherFriederike Destilliuer (1810 – ) 


A Moritz Koplowitz, son of Jacob and Friederike, married Marie Kohn, daughter of David and Handel on 22/10/1863. Bride and groom both came from Pless. Marie died in Berlin in 1916 aged 74 years, so born 1841-42. Moritz died in Berlin in 1917 aged 79 years (so born 1837-38); his death certificate says he was born in Mezerzitz. Both deaths were reported by the same person and both certificates give the same address for the deceased.

Death certificate for Marie
Death certificate for Moritz

Sources - Pless family records;
JRI-Poland - marriage to Marie.

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