Rosalie Mandowsky

Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
FatherLudwig (Louis) Mandowsky (ca 1810 – ) 
MotherJohanna (Handel, Hanne) Mueller (ca 1810 – ) 
Partner Ignatz (Isaak) Freund (ca 1835 – )

Married 25/02/1862



Richard Freund (16/11/1861 – )

Johanna Freund (11/04/1863 – )

Rosalie (Fanny?) Freund (04/10/1865 – )


A Rosalie from Ratibor, daughter of Ludwig Mandowsky and "Helene Mìller" and aged 27 years 2 months, married Ignatz Freund, Konditor from Ratibor, on 25/02/1862. Other records relating to Ludwig Mandowsky of Ratibor name his wife as "Hanne Mìller".

A Dobrosch was born on 23/12/1837 to Ludwig Mandowsky and "Hanne Mìller", also in Ratibor.

A Dorothea Sussmann geb. Mandowsky, daughter of Ludwig Mandowsky and Johanna Mueller and born in Ratibor, died aged 60 years in June 1898, so born 1837-38.

I conclude that Dorothea (Dobrosch) and Rosalie were twin sisters.


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