Hans Leo Guthaner

Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze
Diedca 1943
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
FatherFelix Guthaner (1872-73 – ) 
MotherNatalie Foerster (29/02/1884 – ) 
Partner Anita Czwiklitzer (05/07/1908 – ca 1943)

Married 25/11/1935 Germany, Berlin, Tempelhof



Goesta Guthaner (05/04/1938 – ca 1943)


Parents: lawyer and notary Felix Guthaner and Natalie Guthaner geb. Förster. The birth certificate gives an address of Zabrze, Scheche Strasse bei Borinski. Amalie Borinski geb. Foerster lived at Schechestrasse 11, suggesting a close connection between Natalie and Amalie.

A doctor of Law.

Hans and Anita were deported along with 6-year-old Goesta from Berlin to Auschwitz concentration camp on 19/02/1943

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