Gerda Czwiklitzer

Germany, Guben
Diedca 1943
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
? FatherEugen Czwiklitzer (28/04/1866 – 16/10/1918) 
? MotherLinna Guhrauer (01/06/1872 – 29/01/1919) 
Partner Bernhard Chrzelitzer (01/05/1902 – ca 1943)

Married 03/05/1934 Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg



The relationship between Gerda and her parents is proposed on the basis that they all lived in Guben. A copy of Guben birth certificate 1906/465 would confirm her parents' identity.

Bernhard and Gerda are listed in the 1939 census of Berlin without any children, nor are any Chrzelitzer children listed in Yad Vashem's records of deportation from Berlin.

Bernhard and Gerda were deported from Berlin to Auschwitz concentration camp on 12/03/1943.

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