Fridel Smoschewer

Germany, Berlin
Diedca 1983
Partner Hans (Juan) Leopold Nothmann (22/03/1890 – )


Inge Nothmann (02/11/1923 – )

Cilli Nothmann (02/11/1923 – )


Listed with her husband in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930) at Koernerstrasse 16, and at Kuerassierstrasse 26 in September 1937. She was at the latter address when her nationality was annulled. In 1939 they sailed from Liverpool to Valparaiso, Chile. In 1951 they travelled from Le Havre to New York on Bolivian documents, and a month later from there to Callao, Peru..

Sources (click here for generic source information);, - address and date of birth in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930); - address of daughters Lilli and Inge, and - the same address for Frida, also place of birth in tennis club membership lists from 1936-37.

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