Amalie Cohn

Poland, Schlesien, Tworog
FatherLouis Cohn (1847-48 – 31/03/1910) 
MotherKaroline Brauer (ca 1850 – ) 
Partner Adolf Schwartz (08/08/1875 – )


Partner Ismar Freysinger (06/05/1896 – )


A Gleiwitz residence card for Amalie Freysinger geb. Cohn gives the same place and date of birth as were recorded on Amalie's 1914 marriage certificate when she married Wolf Schwartz.

A card issued in the name of Ismar Freysinger has the same sequence of addresses from 1923 until their emigration to Siam in 1939.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Gleiwitz residence card.

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