Henny Lubinski

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Posen, Murowana Goslina
Germany, Bad Nauheim
FatherHeimann Lubinski (ca 1870 – 05/11/1926) 
MotherAntonie Pfingst (07/06/1864 – 01/06/1939) 
Partner Siegfried Markiewitz (03/09/1896 – 04/09/1977)


Helga Markiewitz (03/06/1928 – 04/01/2011)

Harry Markiewitz (15/06/1933 – 04/01/2015)


Henny and Siegfried emigrated to Palestine. Henny returned to Germany just before the outbreak of the second world war to try to persuade her brothers to leave. Luzian was unwilling to leave without their mother but, following her death in 1939, he departed via Shanghai. Martin remained in Germany and was deported and murdered by the Nazi regime. Henny died while on vacation, buried 22/07/1966 in Gan-Hashomron.

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SM, a grandson of Siegfried Markiewitz - biographical details and photograph of grave stone;
cbj.jhi.pl - residence card.

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