Abraham Werner

Bornca 1795
Partner Rosel (Rahel) Kallmann (ca 1795 – )


Moses Benjamin Werner (10/04/1819 – )

Malke Werner (28/11/1823 – )

Partner Rosel Schindler (ca 1795 – )


Alexander Werner (05/05/1825 – 1895)


1819: canvas merchant.
1823: bartender.
1825: bar lessee.
1845: bartender.

In 1845 Werner moved with his his wife Rosel geb. Schindler and three children from Langendorf to Muensterberg.

It is possible that the two names given in the records for the mother of Abraham's children both relate to the same person, being referred to in early records by her patronym (Rosel bat Kallmann) and in later records by her maiden name (Rosel Schindler). If this is the case then her father would have been a Kallmann Schindler; Kallmann was a common name in the Schindler family of Langendorf.


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