Marianne (Mirjam) Sachs

Bornca 1815
Partner Moritz Aufrichtig (ca 1815 – )


Siegfried (Selig Pinkus) Aufrichtig (22/04/1838 – 19/08/1890)

Partner Daniel Aufrichtig (ca 1820 – )


Simon Aufrichtig (1837 – 30/12/1907)

Linna Aufrichtig (1851-52 – 04/08/1895)


Named on daughter Linna's and son Simon's death certificates (the father of both is named as Daniel Aufrichtig). Also named on son Siegfried's death certificate (his father is named as Moritz Aufrichtig). All three certificates place Marianne in Koschentin. Linna's death certificate places Daniel in Sorowski (Zborowskie) while Siegfried's death certificate says Siegfried was born there. As Siegfried appears to have been born between Simon and Linna, it appears that his father's name (Moritz) is erroneous.

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