Herrmann Tworoger

Bornca 1820
Partner Philippine Cohn (1823-24 – 06/02/1858)


Dorel Tworoger (24/08/1844 – )

Eva Tworoger (20/05/1846 – )

Rebecka Tworoger (1847 – 28/03/1853)

Sophia Tworoger (1849 – 09/08/1854)

Johanna Tworoger (1856 – 03/07/1863)

Isidor Tworoger (27/12/1857 – 13/09/1931)


Two of Hermann's children, Dorel and Isidor, were born in Koslow. The JRI-Poland record of Dorel's birth and Isidor's marriage certificate name their parents as Herrmann or Hermann Tworger and Philippine Cohn. The same parents are also named in the JRI-Poland record of Eva's birth. Philippine died in Koslow a few weeks after Isidor's birth.

Records exists of the deaths of the children of a Herrmann Tworoger of Koslow, but it is not clear whether this is the same father because the records do not name the mother. The children are
  • Rebecka, died 28/03/1853 aged 6 years so born 1846-47 and
  • Sophia, died 09/08/1854 aged 5.5 years so born early 1849.


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