Siegfried Siegmund Wachsner

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz, Brzezinka
Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp
FatherMoritz (Moses) Wachsner (05/02/1822 – ) 
MotherFriederike Steuer (28/10/1830 – ) 
Partner Rosa Simenauer (28/05/1875 – ca 1944)


Edith Wachsner (04/08/1895 – )

Elfriede Wachsner (1896-97 – )


Testimonies by Benjamin Jurovics identify Siegfried Wachsner born 1862 in "Bzesinky" and Rosa Wachsner geb. Simenauer, wife of Siegfried, as his grandparents, and Edith geb. Wachsner and Samuel Jurovics as his parents.

Edith's marriage in August 1919 was witnessed by Siegfried aged 62 years and 22 year-old Elfriede who both lived at the same address as Edith. It is reasonable to assume that these are Edith's father and sister; however Siegfried's age should have been 57 years if he were born in March 1862.

Transport I/65, č. 6819 15/09/1942, Berlín to Theresienstadt concentration camp.


JRI-Poland; - testimonies by Benjamin Jurovics; - name transcribed as Siegfried, but the linked death certificate names him as Siegmund; - same details, and gives both Siegfried and Siegmund. Other records in Yad Vashem, including a testimonial by his grandson, call him Siegfried.

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