Pinkus Apt

Bornca 1835
Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
Partner Friederike (Rebekka) Fraenkel (ca 1835 – )


Rosalie Apt (1856-57 – 20/07/1915)

Heinrich Apt (12/04/1859 – 26/01/1941)

Emma Apt (28/05/1861 – 19/03/1940)

Adolph Apt (05/02/1868 – 14/12/1918)


Businessman, agent.

A 1932 document from the Breslau synagogue community, relating to Pinkus's daughter Emma geb. Apt and her husband Arnold Hollaender records the Jahrzeit of Pinkus Apt on 27 Ab and of Friederike Apt geb. Frankel on 25 Kislew (both in the Hebrew calendar), but does not give the years of their deaths.

Pinkus was dead when his son Heinrich married in August 1890. Heinrich's marriage and death certificates place his parents in Ratibor.

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JRI-Poland; - date of death.

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