Max Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Guttentag
FatherHeimann Borinski (ca 1840 – ) 
MotherJohanna Cohn (ca 1840 – ) 
Partner Rosa Schott (26/06/1876 – )

Married 17/02/1897 Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen



Siegbert Salo Borinski (29/04/1898 – )


Max's marriage certificate gives his date of birth as 03/10/1867 and places both bride and groom in Beuthen.

The 1880 Beuthen address book does not list any Borinskis. However, the 1914 Upper Silesia business directory lists a Max Borinski as a leather merchant in Beuthen. The 1927 Beuthen address book lists only one Max Borisnki: a businessman at Hohenzollernstrasse 2 who appears under the heading of "Leather and leather goods" (part V, page 16).

The 1937 Beuthen address book lists two people by the name of Max Borinski: a retired person at Virshowstrasse 1 whose address identifies him as Ernst Borinski's father, and a businessman at Hohenzollernstrasse 3. The latter is presumably the leather trader listed at Hohenzollernstrasse 2 in previous years although neither Borinski nor the Hohenzollernstrasse address is listed under "Leather and leather goods" in the 1937 directory, suggesting that he may have retired by then.

A notice in the Juedisches Gemeindeblatt fuer Oberschlesien announced the 70th birthday, on 01/10/1937, of Max Borinski, Hohenzollernstr 3. He was therefore born on 01/10/1867 according to the person who placed the announcement, which is only two days adrift from the date on the marriage certificate.

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