Rebecca Wolf

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz, Polom
Poland, Schlesien, Michalkowitz
FatherAaron Wolf (1797-98 – 09/02/1881) 
MotherMarianne Riesenfeld (1798-99 – 12/05/1863) 
Partner Adolph Riesenfeld (1826-27 – )

Married 01/02/1853



Israel Riesenfeld (.../02/1854 – 19/09/1854)

Jenny Riesenfeld (1858-59 – 11/03/1861)


Two JRI-Poland records relate to a Friederike Riesenfeld who died on 13/04/1866. One gives her age as 39 years, so born 1826-27; she lived in Michalkowitz, her maiden name is not recorded, but her husband is Adolph, a butcher. The other is a record of a burial in Beuthen, which names her husband as Avraham and her father as Aharon Wolff; it gives her Hebrew name as Rivke, a cognate of Friederike and Rebecca.

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