Isaac Riesenfeld

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherAbraham Riesenfeld (ca 1765 – ) 
Partner Rosel Lippmann (ca 1790 – )

Married 14/02/1815

Source - Gleiwitz Jewish registers


Lippmann Riesenfeld (18/02/1816 – )

Samuel Riesenfeld (16/02/1818 – )

Malke Riesenfeld (21/12/1819 – 07/07/1821)

Rachel Riesenfeld (09/05/1823 – )

Abraham Riesenfeld (04/06/1825 – )

Eduard Riesenfeld (.../08/1825 – 17/11/1876)

Louis Riesenfeld (ca 1827 – )

Charlotte Riesenfeld (29/10/1830 – )


Leather merchant of Langendorf when Samuel, Malke, Rachael and Abraham were born.

Peddler of Langendorf when Charlotte's birth was recorded.

The death of leather trader Isaac Riesenfeld aged 63 years on 20/01/1856 was recorded in Gleiwitz; this places his birth in 1792-93.

The record of Lippmann's 1841 move from Langendorf to Breslau names his father as Isaac and cites family number 2803. The record of Rachel's 1846 move from Langendorf to Myslowitz names her parents as Itzig (a synonym of Isaac) and Rachel Liebmann and also cites family number 2803. The same family number is cited in the 1842 record of Abraham's move to Gross Strehlitz; this record names Abraham's father as Samuel and cites his grandfather, also Abraham, as the registered citizen. We can therefore conclude that Isaac was a son of Abraham.

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JRI-Poland; - Gleiwitz Jewish death records.

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