Thomas William Crosby

UK, Tyne and Wear, Bishopwearmouth
UK, Tyne and Wear, Bishopwearmouth, Franklin Street, 15
FatherJames George Crosby (23/03/1840 – 16/06/1887) 
MotherMary Jane Lewis (16/06/1841 – 12/11/1882) 
Partner Catherine Bunton (13/10/1866 – 12/05/1918)

Married 01/12/1889 UK, Tyne and Wear, Bishopwearmouth, Parish Church



Ethel Jane Crosby (27/08/1890 – 30/04/1891)

Mary Hannah Crosby (15/05/1892 – 11/01/1982)

Charlotte Crosby (08/05/1894 – 30/09/1957)

Catherine Bunton (Kitty) Crosby (21/06/1896 – 01/10/1985)

Thomas William Crosby (09/06/1898 – 21/11/1989)

Reginald Crosby (12/09/1900 – 13/10/1976)

Gladys Crosby (12/12/1902 – 25/09/1994)

James Herbert (Bert) Crosby (30/09/1906 – 29/12/1992)

John Martin (Jack) Crosby (31/10/1911 – 16/06/1996)


1881 census: Grocer's assistant of 59 Bonners Field, Monkwearmouth.
1889 (marriage): warehouseman of 10, Derwent Street, Sunderland.
(As a teenager, his future wife Catherine had been in service to her uncle Charles Rogers, who lived at 11 Derwent Street.)

1891 census for 10 Ethel Street, Bishopwearmouth:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Thomas W CrosbyHead26Foreman warehousemanSunderland Durham
Catherine CrosbyWife24 North Shields Northumberland
Ethel JaneDaughter7 months Sunderland Durham

1898: 6 Franklin Street, Sunderland.

1901 census for 15 Franklin Street, Sunderland:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Thomas William CrosbyHead36Foreman for shipstore merchantDurham Sunderland
Catherine CrosbyWife34 Northumberland North Shields
Mary Hannah CrosbyDaughter8 Durham Sunderland
Charlotte CrosbyDaughter6 Durham Sunderland
Catherine CrosbyDaughter4 Durham Sunderland
Thomas William CrosbySon2 Durham Sunderland
Reginald CrosbySon6 months Sunderland

1911 census for 15 Franklin Street, Sunderland:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Thomas William CrosbyHead46Warehouseman, Ship StoreDurham Sunderland
Catherine CrosbyWife44 Northumberland North Shields
Mary Hannah CrosbyDaughter18Clerk, furniture dealerDurham Sunderland
Charlotte CrosbyDaughter16Shop assistant, furniture dealerDurham Sunderland
Thomas William CrosbySon12SchoolDurham Sunderland
Catherine CrosbyDaughter14 Durham Sunderland
Reginald CrosbySon10SchoolDurham Sunderland
Gladys CrosbyDaughter8 Durham Sunderland
James Herbert CrosbySon4 Durham Sunderland

Durham Records Online
Cemetery Registers, Sunderland District - Record Number: 1395491.12
Location: Bishopwearmouth
Cemetery: Bishopwearmouth Cemetery
Denomination: any
11 Apr 1933 Thomas William Crosby, of 15 Franklin Street, age: 68, storekeeper

Funeral: St Mark's Church; buried in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, Sunderland 11/05/1933.

My great grandfather.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

birth date: a bible formerly owned by James George Crosby;
article written by a nephew;
death: Durham Records Online.

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