Fritz Nothmann

USA, New York
FatherGeorg Nothmann (23/07/1873 – ) 
MotherFlora Batzdorff (25/11/1882 – ) 
Partner Maria Charlotte Smoszewer (05/10/1908 – )

Married 02/11/1934 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau



In his 1933 application to the Israelitischen Kranken-Verpflegungs-Anstalt und Beerdigungs-Gesellschaft in Breslau for a medical position he describes himself as son of the bank director Georg N, nephew of Dr Erwin Batzdorf and engaged to a neice of the general consul Leo Smoschewer, daughter of Fritz Smoschewer. (Leo Smoschewer was the consul for Rumania in Breslau, 1924-1938).

He emigrated to America in May-June 1935.

In correspondence in 1937 connected with the resumption of his medical career, he gave his address as 271 Central Park West, New York City.

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