Otto Jonas Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherGeorg Nothmann (23/07/1873 – ) 
MotherFlora Batzdorff (25/11/1882 – ) 
Partner Elga Liebrecht (25/09/1906 – )

Source - Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951.


Birth certificate

Lived in Breslau at Kuerassierstrasse, 101 in ca 1930.

The Centre for Jewish History says of him, in its Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951:

Otto Nothmann, Georg's and Flora's son, was born in Breslau on September 19, 1905. He was married to Elga Nothmann, née Liebrecht, with whom he had a daughter, Leoni Salomon, née Nothmann, born on October 10, 1931. The family lived in Berlin until they were forced to leave by the Nazi regime. They went to Estonia, where Otto found employment as a specialist for tubes in the tube factory in Reval (today Tallinn) until 1940. Because of their German passports, they were deported by the Russians to a forced labor camp in Karaganda, Kasakh Soviet Republic, on June 22, 1941. After the war, they were able to enforce their return to Germany by a hunger strike, and eventually they ended up in Frankfurt/Oder in a repatriation center. Being supported by their Jewish community, the Nothmanns moved to Berlin, where Otto worked in the camp committee Wittenau, but because of the approaching blockade, the family moved to Fürth, where he worked as the chief investigator for the Jewish Restitution Successor Organization (JRSO) from October 22, 1948 – April 23, 1951. In April 1948 Otto received a permit to immigrate to Israel.

The date of birth cited above is a week earlier than that recorded by his father on his birth certificate.

Sources - Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951; - address in ca 1930.

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