Isaac Wachsner

Poland, Schlesien, Lendzin
Poland, Schlesien, Klein Zabrze
FatherMendel Wachsner (ca 1795 – ) 
MotherEva Staub (.../11/1798 – 10/01/1848) 
Partner Charlotte Freund (1828-31 – 10/06/1853)

Married Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz


JRI-Poland records their marriages on 21/06/1852 and 07/12/1852
Partner Handel (Nanny) Friedlaender (05/12/1825 – 13/11/1898)

Married 16/10/1855


JRI-Poland, Pless record]


Max Wachsner (14/06/1856 – )

Louis Wachsner (26/11/1857 – 01/05/1911)

Marie Wachsner (28/04/1861 – 16/08/1926)

Eugen Wachsner (29/01/1866 – 29/03/1923)

Dagobert Wachsner (13/03/1870 – 25/04/1930)


Baker and Kultusbeamter.

The Pless family records identify Isaac as a son of Mendel and note that the family is in Lendzin. The record of his marriage to Charlotte cite both of these facts and give his age as 24 years which is consistent with his date of birth.

The record of his marriage to Handel, two years after Charlotte's death, gives his age as 26 years, which is consistent to within a year with his date of birth. This cites both Pless and Lendzin in connection with Isaac.

Sources (click here for generic source information);
JRI-Poland marriage records - profession.

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