Siegfried Galliner

Russia, Heiligenbeil, Zinten
UK, London, Hendon
FatherJonas Gallinger (03/01/1846 – ) 
MotherLina Pianikowski (05/03/1848 – 15/05/1917) 
Partner Rose Stern (1884 – )

Married 1914

Source - John H. Richter collection.


Doctor of Philosophy when he witnessed his brother Julius' marriage in 1903.

Rabbi to the Adass Jisroel community. In 1904 he became Rabbi to the Jewish school in Beuthen. Ten years later he bacame the first rabbi to the liberal synagogue community in Gelsenkirchen.

He emigrated to London in 1938.

Sources differ regarding his dates.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - John H. Richter collection: marriage to Rosa Stern; - biography; - International Biographical Dictionary of Central European Emigrés 1933-1945; - Die Rabbiner im Deutschen Reich 1871-1945 pp. 212-213.

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