Moritz (Moses ben Isaak) Halberstaedter

Germany, Halberstadt
FatherIsaak ben ? (ca 1725 – ) 
Partner Henriette (Hinde) Turbin (14/05/1764 – 06/12/1817)

Married 24/04/1782 Poland, Schlesien, Militsch


email DF 07/12/2011


Karoline Halberstaedter (ca 1792 – )

Friederike (Rebecca) Halberstaedter (15/11/1794 – )

Ziesel Halberstaedter (ca 1796 – )

Johanna Halberstaedter (1798 – 17/04/1831)

Louis (Eliezer) Halberstaedter (08/12/1803 – 07/03/1869)


Moses ben Isaak changed his name to Moritz Halberstaedter prior to the 1812 edict requiring Jews to take surnames (Bloch, p. 23).

In 1794 his was one of 5 privileged families in Militsch. Bloch says that the family came from Halberstadt (Bloch, p. 24). Information in an email from DF says he was born in Halberstadt on 15 January 1752 and lived in Militsch from 1772.

Leader of the Jewish community 1825 to 1827 and 1829 to 1834, a role subsequently fulfilled by his son Louis.

His will, now held by the Jewish Museum in Berlin, names his children.

My 4 x great grandfather.

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