Kurt Berger

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherEugen Berger (18/02/1865 – 03/04/1925) 
MotherOlga Cohn (10/03/1869 – 14/09/1939) 
Partner Margot Lustig (19/03/1902 – )


Lutz Adolf Berger (13/07/1924 – )

Ernst Eugen Berger (16/04/1929 – )


grizim.5u.com lists Kurt as one of three children of Eugen Berger, along with Ella and Grete.

I have suggested that Kurt's sister, Ella may be equated to the Ella Wolf geb. Berger whose residence card states that she was born in Gleiwitz in 1894 and lived with her widowed mother and family at Nieberdingstrasse 4. If the family was indeed in Gleiwitz at this time then a residence card relating to a Kurt Berger at the same address, born in Gleiwitz in 1898 probably relates to Ella's brother. Other people living at the same address as Kurt appear to be
  • his wife Margot geb. Lustig born in 1902
  • their son Lutz Adolf born in 1924;
  • their son Ernst Eugen born in 1929, the year after Kurt's father Eugen died.

All the details for Lutz, Kurt, Margot and Ernst Eugen apart from Kurt's name are taken from the residence cards.

Kurt moved to Berlin in February 1932; Margot and Ernst Eugen moved to Breslau Hohenzollenstrasse 77 in June 1932. Olga moved to Kirschstrasse in August 1932 and lived there until her death in 1939.

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