Marie Bloch

Germany, Berlin
Partner Salomon Ginsberg (15/09/1848 – 22/06/1937)

Married 10/09/1874 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau



Fritz Ginsberg (04/02/1877 – .../08/1972)

Hedwig (Chava) Ginsberg (20/09/1880 – 13/01/1973)


Aged 30 years 1.5 months when she married in September 1874 so born 1844. Her marriage record says she came from Tarnowitz.

Parents: David Bloch and Amalie geb. Loewy.

A Salomon Ginsberg reported the death of his wife, Marie Bloch in Berlin in 1905, giving her place of birth as Tarnowitz and her age as 56 years (so born 1848-49).

Named in the 1929 will of of Lippman Bloch as his deceased sister. As well as Hedwig and Fritz (shown here because they married into my family), the will makes provision for the following children of Marie: It also names the following children of his deceased brother Karl:

The birth records of Gertrud, Else and Hedwig, Carl's birth certificate as well as the marriage certificates of Hedwig, Anna, Fritz, Else and Nanny all name their parents as Salomon Ginsberg and Marie geb. Bloch; all the certificates show the children were born in Breslau.

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