Curt Glaser

Germany, Leipzig
USA, New York, Lake Placid
FatherSimon Glaser (1841 – 18/07/1904) 
MotherEmma Haase (1854 – 1927) 
Partner Else Kolker (ca 1885 – 1932)

Married 1903 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau

Partner Maria Milch (ca 1895 – )

Married 1933


Eva Renate Glaser (1935 – 1943)


Art collector, critic and historian.

Graduated in medicine in 1902 in Munich before gaining a second degree in art history in 1907.

Served as an army doctor during the first World War.

Born Jewish, converted to the Protestant faith in 1911.

Emigrated to Switzerland in 1933.

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MP, Thomas Perls' daughter, reports "Kurt Haase Glaser married to Elsa Kolker Glaser";;

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