Ella Berger

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherEugen Berger (18/02/1865 ‑ 03/04/1925) 
Partner Erich Oscar Wolff (15/01/1892 ‑ )


Hildegard Wolff (08/03/1918 ‑ )

Elsbeth Dorothea Wolff (30/04/1920 ‑ )

Sussana Irene Wolff (10/04/1924 ‑ )


HG notes that Ella Berger married Wolf. A residence card from Gleiwitz recorded an Ella Wolff geb. Berger, born in Gleiwitz on 25/09/1894 who emigrated to Palestine on 27/08/1939. Other residence cards showing the same addresses and the same dates of residence relate to
  • Erich Oscar Wolff born in Gleiwitz on 05/11/1892 who emigrated to Palestine on 25/12/1938;
  • widow Auguste Wolff born in Nicolai on 03/07/1866, died on 06/03/1937 (probably Erich's mother);
  • daughter Hildegard Wolff born in Gleiwitz on 08/03/1918 whose fate is not recorded;
  • daughter Elsbeth Dorothea Wolff, born in Gleiwitz on 13/04/1920 who moved to Berlin;
  • daughter Sussana Irene Wolff born in Gleiwitz on 10/04/1924 who emigrated to Palestine on 25/12/1938.

  • All that is known from HG is Ella's name, her husband's surname and that they are likely to have been born around 1895; all other details for Ella and her family have been taken from the residence cards.

    Gleiwitz residence cards


    Hilde Gerrard;
    cbj.jhi.pl - residence card: Ella Wolff geb. Berger;
    cbj.jhi.pl - residence card: Erich Oscar Wolff;
    cbj.jhi.pl and cbj.jhi.pl - residence cards: Auguste Wolff;
    cbj.jhi.pl - residence card: Hildegard Wolff;
    cbj.jhi.pl - residence card: Elsbeth Dorothea Wolff;
    cbj.jhi.pl - residence card: Sussana Irene Wolff.

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