Nanny Mueller

Poland, Schlesien, Rybnik
Poland, Schlesien, Rybnik
FatherJacob Mueller (1781-82 – 30/04/1856) 
MotherRosel Feldmann (1789-90 – 22/10/1831) 


The namesake of a presumed sibling who was alive at the same time. Both have records which name their father as Arrendator Jacob from family 25.

This Nanny's death certificate says she was the daughter of Jacob Mueller of family 25 and that she died aged 2.25 years on 29/05/1826 so she was born in early 1824; the birth record confirms this and names her parents as Jacob Mueller and Rosel Feldman of family 25. Her namesake married in 1829.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

Geburtsregister der Juden, Rybnik, 1812 - 1874 (Jewish births register), Ratibor archive office;
Sterberegister der Juden von Rybnik, 1812 - 1847 (Jewish deaths register), Ratibor archive office.

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