Bertha Jacoby

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
Germany, Bernburg Euthanasia Centre
FatherMartin Jacoby (07/03/1865 – 1933) 
MotherSelma Nothmann (11/07/1876 – .../01/1926) 


Physician, educated at Berlin University, Communist, unmarried.

In the 1939 census her address is given as Polizeigefängnis (police prison), Berlin Mitte.

I had believed that she died at Ravensbrueck camp; however Seattle-based researcher PC wrote to me: "In fact, she did not die in Ravensbrueck, where she was a prisoner, but in the gas chamber at Bernburg, which was one of the so-called Euthanasia centers. Prisoners were taken there in buses with painted-over windows. See Margaret Buber-Neumann's books, Under Two Dictators and Milena. I have letters of hers in which she urges friends in the United States to enlist the help of Ernst Borinski... The Germans would have released her from Ravensbrueck if enough money had been raised to pay for a train ticket to Shanghai.

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