Ilse Borinski

FatherMax Borinski (28/06/1874 – ca 1942) 
MotherMartha Haendler (28/10/1876 – 26/08/1931) 
Partner Erwin Wolf (31/01/1888 – ca 1943)


US intelligence reports relating to Ernst Borinski refer to his sister Ilse Wolf.

Lived at Kirchsallee 16, Breslau in ca 1930, later in Prague.

Yad Vashem has records of her husband, Erwin, being deported from Prague via Theresienstadt concentration camp to Auschwitz concentration camp; I have not found any such records for Ilse, so her fate is unknown.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - sister of Ernst Borinski named as Ilse Wolf, living in Prague at the time of Ernst's immigration to America; - address in Breslau in ca 1930, date of birth and spouse's details.

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