Edith Jarislowsky

Germany, Berlin
USA, Washington, D.C
FatherAdolf Jarislowsky (17/04/1855 – 05/12/1933) 
MotherFlora Bernheim (17/11/1875 – 29/07/1955) 
Partner Julius Hirsch (30/10/1882 – 14/08/1961)

Married 1927




"Edith Jarislowsky Hirsch (1899-2003), daughter of Adolph Jarislowsky and Flora Jarislowsky née Bernheim, received a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Heidelberg in 1925. She met Julius Hirsch in Hechingen, Germany at the family home of Albert Einstein's wife Elsa, who was close friends with Edith's mother, and they got married in 1927. Edith Hirsch was an economist as well, receiving an MA from the New School in 1943, and she worked together with her husband in his consultancies both in Germany and in the United States. She specialized in food and agriculture economics. Hirsch was also involved with the LBI: she helped editing the memoirs of George Tietz, published in 1965, and also collected and donated to the LBI a range of materials related to the German-Jewish experience."

Therese Jarislowsky's 90th birthday
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