Louise (Lewia) Riesenfeld

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Radzionkau
FatherLazarus (Leiser) Riesenfeld (1779-83 – 05/11/1845) 
MotherEva Gassmann (ca 1780 – ) 
Partner Alexander Preiss (ca 1820 – )

Married 30/10/1844



Louis Preiss (30/07/1849 – )


This is a composite of several records in JRI-Poland.

The birth record refers to Lewia, gives her date and place of birth and names both of her parents as Lazarus and Eva geb. Gassmann of Langendorf. JRI-Poland has no other records under this name.

The marriage record refers to Louise and names her parents as Lazarus and Eva geb. Gassmann of Georgenberg and names her husband as Alexander Preiss.

The death record refers to Louise Preyss geb. Riesenfeld and gives her age as 38 years; if this is the same Louise then she would have been 42 years old at her death.

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