David Freund

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherSimon (Shaye) Freund (1801 ‑ 1880) 
MotherSelma Staub (04/04/1817 ‑ ) 
Partner Recha Daniel (05/07/1864 ‑ )


Bruno Freund (09/09/1889 ‑ )

Felix Freund (11/06/1891 ‑ )

Paul Martin Freund (03/01/1893 ‑ )


Delowicz gives his date of birth as 31/12/1853 and lists him as a son of Simon Freund and Selma Staub.

Another researcher, SF, has a record of David's marriage to Recha Daniel in Breslau in 1884 which names his parents as Simon Freund and Selma Staub.

A record exists of the design for a gravestone in Breslau's Cosel Jewish cemetery for a David Freund, son of Jeschaja (a cognate of Simon), born on 23 Kislev 5615 (14/12/1854) and died on 3 Tamuz 5669 (22/06/1909). A note on the design names the widow as Recha Freund.

The one-year discrepancy in his date of birth is not unusual; had it been recorded as 23 Kislev 5614 (24/12/1853) this would have been exactly one week before the date given by Delowicz.


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