Nanny Kadisch

Bornca 1840
Partner Karl Hieronymus (ca 1840 – )


Gertrud Hieronymus (1871-1872 – 30/12/1910)

Alfred Hieronymus (28/02/1875 – )

Leo Hieronymus (28/02/1875 – )


The JRI-Poland record of Nanny's daughter gives her surname as KALISCH. However, in the birth certificates of her twin sons her surname is given as KADISCH.

The following geneaolgy is given in a Breslau legitimation certificate dated 27/04/1857:
• Nathalie Kalisch, daughter of Nathan Kalisch and Friedericke geb. Jaschkowitz;
• Nathan Kalish was a son of Wolf Israel Kalisch and Freine geb. Heymann;
• Freine Heymann was a daughter of Lewin Moses Heyman (known as Barby) and Neiche geb. Fraenkel.

Such certificates were often written when the subject was in early adulthood, perhaps as a pre-requisite to marriage. The actual birth could therefore have been 16 or more years before the date of the certificate. For example, the certificate for Nathan's son David is dated 20/01/1857 but cites a birth date of 24/05/1837.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

JRI-Poland; - Nathalie's birth certificate; - David's birth certificate.

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