Jacob Simon

Bornca 1690
FatherSimon (ca 1660 – ) 


Ascher (ca 1720 – )


Translation from Lustig, page 321:

The most often mentioned families are Jakob Pfarski, usually Jac. Semelowic, Szymunowic (Simonssohn), ancestor of the Danziger family, first mentioned on 13/7 1713 and succeeding Sal. Markowicz in the lease since 1715, later in possession of the so-called Krok'schen Haus (Ring No. 18) as well as various plots - and the Kuczma family, mentioned for the first time on 6/5 1727, at the end of the last century taking the name Fischer and dealing mostly with butchery.

Translation from Lustig, pages 425-426:

A certain Jacob Simon, already so-called in 13/7 1713, had the lease of in 1715, but on 22/11 1746 took over the estate from the heirs of a certain Wientzek. Jak. Simon, also Jakob Semelowic, Szymunowic, Psarski (in any case from the village Psary beyond Bendzin), was the ancestor of the families still living here, Danziger, Silbermann, and Fränkel. He also enjoyed great respect from his fellow-citizens, as the following case in particular shows: Schmaja and Kuczma, local Jews, lived in constant quarrels and had uninterrupted lawsuits with each other. The council did not know what to do with them, and at last managed to get Jak. Simon’s decision submitted (1748 3/5). The latter died in 1857 or 58, after he had ceded to his son Ascher on 24/8 1754 house and field, probably also the lease - Ascher is called a leaseholder in 1754. In accordance with the law of 1780 (p.323), he had to give up the lease, and he sold the fields to the present leaseholder Hergesell, and finally even the house. It is touching to read how the aged Asher, when he finds himself in the dire need of disposing of his last paternal inheritance, was allowed by a contract concluded on 25/8 1789, a residence in the back-house, in which he and 10 of his fellow-believers could perform the prayer (then the prayer room of the Jewish community), as well as reserving for his wife the permission to do a small trade in front of the house, on the Ring. He had 4 sons who distinguished them from their fellow citizens through contemporary education. The youngest, Isaac, was said to have been a town clerk for several years, probably just an assistant. He was the father of the generally respected Löbel Danziger who died here on here 1/1 1859.

The "Krok'schen Haus" at Ring 18, mentioned on page 321, is also referred to as "Krokowski'schen" on page 70.

Jakob is named variously as Jakob Simon, Semelowic, Szymunowic - all of which indicate that his father's name was Simon - and Psarski; the latter possibly derived from the village Psary beyond Bendzin.

As he held land in Myslowitz from 1715, I assume he was born no later than 1695.

Ancestor of Myslowitz's Danziger, Silbermann and Fraenkel families.

My 6 x great grandfather.

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Jacob Lustig: Geschichte der Stadt Myslowitz in Ober-Schlesien, 1867 pages 321 and 425-426 (pdf pages 331 and 432-433).

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