Adolf Samuel Werner Borinski

Germany, Berlin
FatherLeo Borinski (04/11/1865 – 02/04/1934) 
MotherAgnes Kalisky (02/11/1873 – 07/06/1946) 
Partner Charlotte Ruth Pfeffermann (16/01/1899 – 27/05/1928)

Married 23/10/1924 Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg


Partner Lea Konstantin (1919 – )

Married Argentina



Moved to Argentina and re-married. Subsequently emigrated to Israel.
An entry in gives his full name as Werner Adolfo Samuel Borinski.
A patent filed by Adolfo Samuel Werner Borinski in 1972 gives an address at Casilla de Correo, 4836-Correo Central, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at which time Werner would have been in his 70s.

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