Heinrich (Isaak) Pinkus

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
FatherPinkus Pinkus (28/02/1824 – 05/04/1889) 
MotherFriederike (Rickel) Staub (02/03/1822 – 18/04/1884) 
Partner Johanna Apt (24/11/1872 – 08/10/1942)

Married 31/01/1897 Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz



Franziska (Fraenze, Frances) Pinkus (02/02/1899 – )


A member of the Concordia-Loge in Kattowitz from 03/01/1899.

MT notes: In Henry's geneology, there is also a Heinrich Pinkus, who is the son of Pinkus Pinkus and Friederike Staub. In the Jewish cemetery in Kattowitz, I found a stone of the same type near the one for Markus Staub. It read "Heinrich Pinkus; Husband and Father; 4. November 1859 - 16. Mai 1906.

I visited the cemetery 24/05/2011 and confirmed that the Hebrew inscription names his father as Pinkus Pinkus.

Heindrich is likely to have predeceased his wife since his tombstone refers to him as a husband.

A better photo can be found at cemetery.jewish.org.pl.

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