Emma Apt

Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz
Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp
FatherMarkus Apt (15/05/1837 – 27/06/1922) 
MotherCaecilia (Jettulie) Apt (10/07/1844 – 16/03/1913) 
Partner Emil Epstein (07/03/1856 – )

Married 23/02/1896 Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz



Fritz Epstein (12/02/1898 – 18/12/1917)

Siegfried Fritz Epstein (12/02/1898 – )


Emma and Emil were first cousins once removed. Emma's parents were second cousins: four of her eight great grandparents were Gassmann siblings.

Yad Vashem lists an Emma Epstein, born Emma Apt in Gross Strehlitz on 29/08/1871. She was transported on 11/08/1942 from Berlin to Theresienstadt where she died on 19/08/1942.

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