Marcus (Max) Wachsner

Poland, Schlesien, Alt Berun
Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz
? FatherAbraham Wachsner (20/01/1813 – ) 
? MotherRosel Biermann (04/10/1815 – ) 
Partner Selma Apt (03/07/1839 – 17/06/1892)



Leo Wachsner (22/11/1863 – 30/12/1936)

Isidor Wachsner (14/02/1867 – 03/06/1912)

Regina (Bettina) Wachsner (01/08/1875 – )

Paul (Pinkus) Wachsner (ca 1877 – 22/12/1935)


Died aged 70 years so born 1835-36. His death certificate says he was born in Alt Berun, and names his parents as Abraham Wachsner and Eva geb. Staub, both deceased in Alt Berun. Abraham Wachsner and Eva Wachsner geb. Staub are both listed in the Pless family records, but Abraham was married to Rosel Biermann at the same time as Eva geb. Staub was married to Mendel Wachsner.

According to the Pless family records, Mendel and Eva geb. Staub had a son Marcus, born in 1833, whose 1910 death certificate agrees with his date of birth, both parents' names and their last residence (Lendzin). This would appear to rule out Mendel as this Marcus's father, but equally questions the identity of his mother, Eva geb. Staub. Curiously, the death certificate for Moritz (Moses) Wachsner names his parents as Abraham Wachsner and Rosel geb. Staub, and has a marginal note correcting "Staub" to "Biermann".

Possibly identical to Mordechai Wachsner, known from the Pless family records; if not then a brother as GB, a relative of the Wachsner family identifies the same parents.

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